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the experience

My Passion is music

The ExperienceSince I was a child I've been a big fan of all kinds of music.

I remember riding with my Dad in his truck, listening to the greats of country music on the radio — Johnny Cash, Kenny Rogers, and others. I also spent hours listening to my Mom's old records — The Beatles, ABBA and many more.

Music has left its mark on me from the very beginning, through all the decades, right up to present day Top 40 with artists such as Pitbull and Rihanna.

The energy and passion that music stirs up on the dance floor is why I enjoy doing what I do so much. As each new song is played, the rush of emotion that comes from the cheering crowd fuels my passion to push the limits of the Bulldog Music experience even further.

Earl Kellington

what makes a good dj?

Being a DJ is much more than playing music. A good DJ:

  • Will be able to read the crowd to see what styles of music are motivating them
  • Can be relied upon to have your special songs ready to accent cherished moments and deliver them with eloquence and professionalism
  • Will take the time to keep in contact with you as well as other professionals you have hired
  • Will make sure they are well prepared for the event long before the first song is ever played

Becoming a good DJ takes time and a lot of work to perfect those skills and to be able to apply them at each event. Learning to build each song off the last to continually feed the crowd's energy is an art in itself. Gaining experience from every event and applying it to the next event is is the only way a good DJ can eventually become a great DJ!

How Can bulldog music benefit you?

For 20 years, Bulldog Music has been providing great party music to Winnipeg and southwestern Manitoba.

The ExperienceWe're considered Wedding Specialists — having performed at over 500 weddings — but over the years, we've also supplied DJ services to countless socials, school functions and community events. The experience we've gained has helped make Bulldog Music synonymous with quality and reliability.

We take pride in providing clients with top quality entertainment. All of our expertise and experience is available for you to draw upon in the planning of your event.

You have the opportunity to harness our experience to make your event or celebration a huge success and enjoyable for everyone involved.

Open QuoteAppreciation

"Thank you very much for the great music you played for our Grand Opening. We have had a lot of positive comments about the super music you played. I could tell everyone liked your music because they started dancing the minute they arrived and never stopped all night. Dave & I are quite confident that you will do a good job for us in the future. We will have no reservations about recommending your service to any of our clients."

— Bonnie & DaveClose Quote

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